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About Us

We are a thriving and modern company operating on the automation market. Our team is composed of people for whom industrial automation is a passion and allows us to face new challenges in the machinery and equipment industry.

Customer satisfaction is always our priority – through an approach we are able to offer solutions that will increase the potential of Your company.

Turnkey Solutions

We manufacture fully customised accessories, machines, devices and installations on the customer’s special order. Through an our knowledge and experience we can offer modern and economical to maintain solutions that meet customer expectations. From design through execution of comissioning – conterparty receives ready-made solution comply with applicable norms and rules, complete documentation, certificates and access to the service and spare parts.

Modernization of control systems

Our company performs modernization of existing control systems. In a situation where the cost of maintain of the current control solution begins to rise or the requirements for the device change, we are able to propose and implement a new machine control system that will meet current standards. We understand that industrial machines must earn and be reliable – we always determine all the details with the customer, budget, we suggest available options and alternatives of improvement and control so that the machine after modernization is the most efficient and safe.

Design and production of control cabinets

Due to the group of our specialists, we also build and implement control cabinets on a specific customer order. Our offer is directed at people who want their dreams to be fulfilled and who want to automate their products to be competitive on the market, but do not want to develop their automation department. We offer professional advice on the field of electrical and pneumatic components, selection of the control system, schematic design, control cabinets as well as their final implementation. Through our extensive knowledge and experience we are able to propose solutions that completely meet needs of our client.

We offer:

Electrical projects

Automation and electrical projects, we create documentation in accordance with applicable standards

Mechanical projects

We carry out projects, designs and mechanical drawings for third parties in SolidWorks software.


Programming services for PLC controllers, HMI operator panels, SCADA systems as well as PC applications


We select and integrate industrial robots into customer applications.

Pneumatic and hydraulic projects

Pneumatic and hydraulic designs focused on digital control for use in industrial machines

Technical consultancy

Are you looking for consultations in the field of industrial automation solutions, fault diagnosis and opinions? Write to us!

Prefabrication of control cabinets

We offer prefabrication of control cabinets from our own materials or entrusted with the final testing service

Service of machines and devices

Did the installation seized up? We will put it back into action in the shortest possible time. Time is money!


Dębowa 42
32-020 Wieliczka
NIP: 6832054819
REGON: 381906320

Tel: +48 601 414 663
Tel: +48 884 817 627